Civil Appeals 

Although it is incredibly disappointing to lose your case in the trial court, it may not be then end of the road. Hope still looms in that you can appeal to a higher court. However, not every ruling by the trial judge rises to the level of an appellate issue. At Tate Moerer & King, our attorneys can advise you on whether you have a viable appeal and can prepare a thorough analysis and persuasive briefing on your issue, all of which are critical to success on appeal.

Types of Appellate Issues

The appellate court only reviews the record of the lower court proceedings and accepts no new evidence. One of the main issues generally raised on appeal is that the trial court either erred when it admitted or excluded evidence. This may have occurred when a witness was allowed to give testimony over your attorney’s objection or the court excluded testimony of your expert witness. There are many other appealable issues. At Tate Moerer & King, our experienced attorneys can determine what issues may be viable on appeal.

Appellate Court Practice

Courts of Appeal all have their own set of rules that must be meticulously followed or you may lose your right to appeal. At Tate Moerer & King, our attorneys are licensed to practice in:

  • Texas Courts of Appeals
  • Texas Supreme Court
  • S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas
  • S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas
  • S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • United States Supreme Court

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